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Legal Resource Group opens New Office
Obesity becoming a topic in Child Custody battles.
Cheating Wives
Christmas Cheaters


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Legal Resource Group opens New Office

PLRG is happy to announce the opening of a new office. Our new office is located at:
10617 Jones Street suite 301-B
Fairfax, Va. 22030
The office is conveniently located right behind the Fairfax County Courthouse at the turn on Judicial drive. Please stop in and visit.

Obesity becoming a topic in Child Custody battles.

Obesity Is Becoming A Popular Issue In Custody Battles

Fights over which parent will get custody of a child after a divorce can turn nasty for any number of reasons—some fair, some just plain crazy—but there's one point of contention that's quickly finding its way into custody battles across the country: obesity. Legal experts are saying, according to theWall Street Journal, that fingers are increasingly being pointed by one parent claiming that the other parent is allowing a child to become obese or is not providing the child with proper nutrition.

Cheating Wives

More Husbands and Fathers reach out to Private Investigators.
When the average American hears the word s ‘Cheating Spouse’ they immediately think of Tiger Woods or other celebrities who have been splashed all over the news. Cheating Spouse has long been synonymous with ‘cheating husband.’ The affairs between the businesses man and his secretary are often the first image that appears in the minds of the baby boomer generation. In fact, until the late 1990’s the vast majority of domestic cases handled by Private Investigators nationwide involved cheating husbands.

Christmas Cheaters

Merry Christmas Mr. Spencer
  I know that is his name because the sales girl at the jewelry counter at Macy’s said those same words. As a normal person, I could not help hearing Spencer laughing about one of the heart shaped necklaces being for the wife and an identical one being for the girlfriend. As a PI with 25 years experience I also noticed that he had the purchases rang up separately and used 2 different credit cards.  One card came from his wallet and the other from his pants pocket.
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