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Construction worker on disability committing Insurance Fraud
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Estimates attribute as much as 10% of the total healthcare spending in the United States to fraud or, about $115 billion annually
Employers, Law firms and insurance companies rely on Professional Legal Resource Group’s experienced Private Investigators to conduct Insurance Fraud Investigations.
If you suspect an employee has exaggerated an injury, claimed an injury was work-related when it wasn’t, or is continuing to work while collecting benefits, our Virginia Private Investigators can help. Our Virginia Private Investigators are highly successful at monitoring suspected employees throughout Northern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County and Prince William County. Our Private Investigators utilize the latest technology to Investigate and Document the evidence you need for Civil or Criminal Court proceedings.  Our workman’s compensation surveillance includes photographic, video and GPS surveillance to help you build a case against your employee’s fraudulent claim.
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Worker's Comp Fraud Caught on Tape
Cheaters Caught !
Warning Signs of Possible Fraudulent Insurance Claims.
  •   Sketchy details or discrepancies about how the injury occurred.
  •   Not reporting the injury promptly.
  •   No witnesses.
  •   Employee is knowingly disgruntled or unsatisfied at work.
  •   Employee misses medical appointments.
  •   Employee is never home when you call.
  •   Employee engages in activity not consistent with their injury.
Our Private Investigators also routinely investigate possible fraudulent injury claims surrounding automobile accidents, claims against property owners and claims against businesses.
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