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Employee using a cell phone to copy corporate documentsEmployee Theft Investigations
Almost every business experiences some form of Employee Theft. Three out of four employees steal from their employer at least once.
The U.S. Commerce Department estimates that up to 1/3 of Corporate Bankruptcies can be directly linked to Employee Theft. The Private Investigators at PLRG have uncovered methods of theft that most have never even thought of, from free drinks given away to coax a big tip to complicated schemes of Corporate Espionage. PLRG Investigators have seen it all. Our Investigators can assist you in finding the problem Employee and document the evidence for Criminal prosecution or Civil litigation.
Employee operating with an open cash register
PLRG Employee Theft Investigations include:
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Covert and Overt Surveillance
  • Undercover placement of Investigators in your work force.
  • Direct interviews with suspect Employees.
  • Polygraph Examinations.
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Employee Background checks
  • Procedure analysis and Theft Prevention measures
        Employee Theft is the most costly loss a buisness will suffer.Red Flags to watch for:
  • Employee frequently borrows money
  • Suspected Drug or Alcohol abuse
  • Employee seems to be living above their means
  • Employee is a known Gambler
  • Employee has financial problems
  • Employee asked for advances in pay
  • Cash register always balances to the penny
  • Friends and/or family frequent the business
  • Sales totals depend on who is working
  • Employee does not want to take time off work
  • Customers that will only deal with one employee
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